What Can I Do To Improve My Thyroid Function?

By: Our Team


Thyroid patients often fall into a frustrating pattern that never seems to end. According to lab work, the thyroid medication they take is working; their thyroid problem is being managed. Yet they still feel bad. It's like nothing's been changed at all in terms of how they feel. When they tell their doctor about ongoing symptoms, the solution they're given is more pills. 

People with thyroid disorders may end up taking antidepressants for depression and anxiety... 

sleeping pills for insomnia, and pain relievers for achy muscles and joints. Not only do these medications fail to alleviate symptoms, they may even make things worse, as the individual begins to experience unwanted side-effects from all the pills they're taking. 

If you have low thyroid, there's a lot you can do to help yourself look and feel your best by supporting thyroid function naturally. If you already know that more pills aren't the answer, you may be ready for a completely different approach. 

Functional wellness is an alternative type of health care that's typically very effective in helping patients who struggle with chronic health conditions like thyroid problems. It involves care that is completely natural and designed to provide long-term relief from symptoms.

Functional wellness doesn't focus on quick or easy fixes for thyroid symptoms. 

Instead, it focuses on finding the root causes of this chronic health condition. There is a reason for thyroid dysfunction just as there is a reason for thyroid symptoms, and with the right testing, these reasons can be identified. 

A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness care will do the investigating it takes to find out exactly what is going on with your thyroid and why you feel the way you do. Then, a plan of therapeutic support that addresses the underlying reason for your symptoms can be developed and implemented. As thyroid function and your overall health improve, symptoms will naturally fade. 

One size fits all approaches to health care rarely work for chronic health problems. 

The best way to support thyroid function is to seek out the support of a functional wellness care provider who is experienced in thyroid care. Thyroid conditions are usually complex, and what will work best for one thyroid patient may not be helpful at all to the next. Functional wellness involves customized care that is based on in-depth testing. The support you receive will be exactly what your body needs, and what will work best for your unique condition. 

Functional wellness care is patient-centered as well as customized and comprehensive. Practitioners work in partnership with their patients, providing all of the education, tools and support needed to help them succeed with their care plans. Functional wellness support involves learning about your own physiology, so you can best care for your own health today and in the future.

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