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If you're struggling to conceive, we understand how frustrating it can be. At New Life Medical Centers, we provide a caring and supportive environment to ensure our patients feel comfortable and heard throughout their journey. Our experienced team can assist you in understanding the causes of your infertility, be it hormone disorders, medical conditions affecting your fertility, or a genetic disorder. We offer the best possible treatment options tailored to your unique situation. Take the first step towards building the family you've always wanted by scheduling an appointment with us today.

Addressing infertility concerns will begin with a comprehensive evaluation of each of the potential parents. For each individual, we work to identify the underlying causes of the concern. Some causes overlap in both genders. For males, this may include:

  • Poor semen quality
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Inflammation
  • Toxin exposure
  • Gastrointestinal issues

For women, causes may include:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Anatomical changes
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Omega-3 deficiency

Strategies and health plans will include recommendations for both potential parents. To support and address the underlying causes of infertility issues, our providers may recommend:

  • Food as medicine
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • IV nutrition
  • Exercise


Amazing doctor!!! I called him “my daughter’s angel” She was suffering with a “mental” disorder, unknown causes or cured. I knew this diagnosed was wrong. My daughter is literally living a New Life. Listen to your gut! Don’t believe everything that your regular doctors say to you, they don’t want to waste their time trying to find the root of you problem, they just send you medications to “stop” symptoms without the real cause.

C. Google

I saw an ad for New Life Medical Center when I was researching causes for foot pain. I started treatment for neuropathy and I’m halfway through my treatment plan. It’s amazing how much better I feel already!

J.P. Google

Dr. Hirshorn provides a very thorough examination of each patients medical history and current issues and uses the best diagnostic tools current science has to offer. Our family believes that discovering and treating root causes of disease is the best root to complete healing. Every member of the New Life staff has been wonderful to work with.

A.L. Google

I like the one on one with the employees. I also, want to rate you a 5 at the end of my treatment's. Will have to wait till the end of my treatment's. Fingers crossed.

D.R. Facebook

Wonderful and caring staff. New Life Function has been a great experience. Very detailed information and answers, and they always check to be sure your satisfied. The office is also very helpful and work with you to help you be successful and achieve your goals

J.M. Google


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Infertility struggles affect many aspects of your life. If you want to start a family but are unsure of your options, contact our team at New Life Medical Centers. Our caring team will provide options to help your family grow. Please schedule an appointment at our Greenville, SC office to learn how we may assist. 

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At what stage of trying to conceive should my partner and I seek treatment or medical attention for infertility?
Typically, infertility is a condition that is diagnosed after a year or more of trying to conceive. However, if you are older than 35 and have been trying to conceive for at least 6 months, it is recommended that you seek infertility treatment then.
Is infertility the same thing as being sterile?
No. Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after a year or more of trying. It does not mean you can never conceive. Being sterile means that a woman has no ovaries, no uterus, or no egg production, or that a man is not producing sperm.
How common is infertility?
Infertility is not rare. It is estimated that 10 – 15 percent of couples in the United States are infertile. If you and your spouse or partner are infertile, know that you are far from alone and that there are several customized treatments we can offer at New Life Medical Centers in Greenville, SC to help you have a great chance of conceiving.
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