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What is Nonsurgical Skin Tightening?

Collagen and elastin are the building blocks for healthy, youthful-looking skin. But as we age, this vital storage of nutrients will most likely run low, making the skin tissue lose firmness, resulting in wrinkles and skin that droops. If you want to boost the tautness of your complexion nonsurgically, consider nonsurgical skin tightening at New Life Health. By employing contemporary FemiLift Pixel CO2 technology, nonsurgical skin tightening helps to boost the natural production of elastin and collagen so you can attain firmer, glowing skin. Our highly trained staff in Greenville, SC is pleased to provide this treatment for people who hope to renew and firm their skin with noninvasive procedures.

What Are the Benefits of Pixel CO2 Skin Tightening?

At New Life Health, we use some of the most advanced skin treatment technologies on the market to deliver fantastic results without the need for surgery. A few benefits of nonsurgical skin tightening at our Greenville, SC office include:

  • Lifting loose skin
  • Treating wrinkles and sagging
  • Supporting collagen creation for lasting results
  • Avoiding the discomfort and potential complications that come with surgery
  • Rejuvenating your overall appearance


How many treatments will I need to achieve the look I want?
The number of treatments will be based on the starting laxity of your skin, as well as your cosmetic concerns. During an initial exam, our staff will ask about your goals and concerns in order to establish how many sessions are recommended.

Can I have nonsurgical skin tightening with other treatments?
Yes. Nonsurgical skin tightening can be done by itself or to supplement other treatments. For more information, schedule your treatment planning session today.

Does nonsurgical skin tightening hurt?
New Life Health, we do everything we can to be sure you feel comfortable over the duration of your treatment. Likely, you will feel warmth in the treatment area. While the majority of individuals report that this noninvasive procedure with the FemiLift Pixel CO2 doesn’t hurt, our team can provide topical anesthesia to help you feel relaxed and provide a great experience.

I really appreciated the personal touch with interacting with the staff here. They truly cared about me and my progress. I also appreciated the ability for zoom doctor’s appointments and the ability to work with labs in my area. It was convenient despite living across the country.

M.S. Google

I found New Life in desperate need because my migraines started to take a toll on me! No medication was working like sumatriptan,topamax , nurtec, Ubrevly, excedrin, etc. I’ve suffered my migraine since I was a child and nothing ever worked for me! After finding new life I will say my life has been better. I’m so thankful for Mrs.Trisha and the team for being so helpful and supportive throughout my journey! Thanks to New Life help, I found out I had Celiac Disease and finally know the cause of my Migraines! Not only in 3 months I’ve had little to no migraines but lost 13lbs! That’s a huge improvement because I’ve never been able to lose weight! Overall, I’m glad to say that I don’t have a bottle of excredrin by my night stand no more😊 Thank y’all so much for all that you’ve done! Highly recommend not only do they help you but treat you like family and not just another individual to throw synthetic drugs at!

R.W. Google

My husband has been a patient at New Life for almost a year. He has seen a massive turn around in his health during that time. The staff are very helpful and very friendly. Special shout out to Trisha who has walked my husband and I step by step through this journey.

K.A. Google

I can not fully explain how much New Life has helped me these past few months. Starting off, I had a horrible diet and a long list of problems and never thought I’d be able to feel good. I have been so impressed with my progress and the support that I have received. I have never felt better in my life, and feel so motivated to keep going on my journey. This place has truly changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful!

B.S. Google

Super Amazing staff!!!!! Everyone cares so much!!!! I have tried just about everything out there. Lost weight and then gained it back + some. New Life is true to its title. I HAVE LOST 25lbs and still going. The best part is I am maintaining. My Coach, Donna has been an inspiration!!!!!! Thanks everyone for all the support and love!!!!!

C.B. Google


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