In fact, this is one definition of insanity! Yet if you have been treating your condition the same way for years and years, hoping things will get better, you may very well have begun to question why.

If the therapeutic care you receive from us does not make you feel better, we will do whatever it takes to find a better option that makes a difference.

This type of approach is based on the disease or the symptoms, not necessarily the actual underlying dysfunction driving your symptoms. If you have diabetes, for example, your care is likely to look a lot like other diabetes’ patients care as provided by the same physician…regardless of the specific causes for your condition, or how you feel in response to your care.

This means that you may have one disease or one dysfunction, but there are multiple different angles from which we may approach your care. In the traditional medical model, treatment typically consists of prescription medications or possibly surgery. By contrast, we may approach a dysfunction in three or four different ways and we do not use drugs or surgery.

Our approach to chronic health conditions is a truly multifaceted approach that integrates functional neurology, endocrinology and immunology all together.

Our diagnostic testing and how we evaluate those tests works to your advantage. A lot of physicians order blood work for patients. However, we have yet to see a patient bring in prior blood work that is as comprehensive as what we order and utilize as a baseline for every patient. We use that baseline comprehensive blood work to determine what additional, more extensive testing we need to fully assess our patient’s condition. Because we are comprehensive right from the start, there have been several cases that we have found more serious conditions that may have otherwise been missed. When that happens, we refer to the appropriate medical physician for consultation and treatment.

We also look at blood work differently than medical doctors usually do. Typically, they look at a patient’s blood work in comparison to laboratory reference ranges. Those reference ranges are based on the average population that went to that lab the year before for the same test. That population is comprised of mostly sick people creating “normal” lab values from people that are actually functioning optimally.

Lab ranges are also problematic from a statistical point. The creation of the lab ranges involves widening that range as far apart as possible, so literally 99.7% of the people will fit inside that healthy range – even if they aren’t so healthy. By contrast, we use a functional range that’s much narrower. This means we may catch issues in patients from a physiological standpoint before they develop into full blown conditions that traditionally may not be recognized.

The benefit to our patients is obvious from a preventative point of view, as well as in the customized nature of care we are able to provide. We are often able to help patients address and fix problems before they become major health issues.

We perform retests and re-evaluations to track your progress, and we are continually seeking to refine your program so you get the best results. We lay out a proposed program at the start of your care, but we are constantly monitoring your progress and changing and tweaking as we go along. We want to ensure we’re doing the absolute best job we can for you, so you are getting the best possible results at all times.

We are not beholden to any insurance company, pharmaceutical or nutritional company. We order diagnostics and therapies that are in the best interest of the patient. We do not have any third-party vendors coming in and buying us lunch and encouraging to order certain tests or therapies based on financial or other conflicts of interest.

When you hire us for help with your chronic health condition, we will do the absolute best job we possibly can for you as an individual. We will do the testing you need and customize a therapeutic plan for you specifically based on that testing to get you results.