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Functional Medicine

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases happen when the body unintentionally attacks healthy cells and tissues, causing symptoms like fever, fatigue, and joint pain.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is characterized by extreme tiredness for a minimum of six months that's unable to be explained by an underlying medical condition.

Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline describes the change in how the brain normally functions, resulting in problems with memory, learning, language, and motor skills.

Heart Health

Heart health focuses on improving the heart’s vitality by explaining why healthy choices matter and what steps can be taken to help the heart thrive.

IBS and Gastrointestinal Issue

IBS and gastrointestinal issues are characterized by persistent symptoms of stomach pain, bloating, heartburn, lack of energy, and diarrhea.


Various factors, from hormones to medical conditions, may cause infertility, which is an inability to conceive after trying for a minimum of one year.

Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease happens when your body produces an insufficient or oversupply of thyroid hormones, causing a variety of negative symptoms.

IV Therapy

IV therapy offers customized treatments administered via the vein to address health and wellness concerns, like tiredness and nutrition deficiencies.

Allergy Tests & Immunotherapy

Discover the comprehensive guide to Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy, essential for managing allergic reactions and improving daily life.
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