How To Alleviate Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

By: Our Team


There are millions of people who suffer from low thyroid daily. If you can relate to this, then you already know how much of an impact it can have on everything that you do. Which symptoms of hypothyroidism play the biggest role in your life?

- Memory Loss

- Irritability

- Inflammation

- Weight Gain

- Depression

- Dry Hair/Thinning Hair

- Brittle Nails

- Insomnia

- Fatigue

The answer to this question is different for everyone, as some experience those that are severe while others barely notice theirs. However, one thing every patient has in common is the desire to alleviate their symptoms. 

Unfortunately this isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why so many people never find the solutions that they need. If you want to change things for yourself, then take a look at the steps for alleviating hypothyroidism below. They will give you insight into what it takes to find effective relief from this health issue.

Step 1: Meet with a Functional Wellness Practitioner

With something as complex as hypothyroidism, it’s important to work with a care provider that has in-depth knowledge of how the thyroid works. Functional wellness practitioners fit this description because their approach to health care is based on the body functioning as a whole. They understand the major role the thyroid plays in each person’s health and focus on healing the issues that are preventing it from functioning as normal.

Step 2: Learn About Your Deficiencies, Dysfunctions, and Deficits

Do you have a nutritional deficit or autoimmune condition contributing to your slowed thyroid? Once you receive testing by a functional wellness practitioner, you will know for certain what has been contributing to this problem. Their priority is to uncover every issue, even those that are seemingly small, to ensure they can be addressed in an effective manner.

Step 3: Commit to Your Wellness Plan

Your wellness plan will include all the solutions that are necessary to restore your health and heal any big or small issues. This is when alleviating your symptoms is most likely to occur, as you will be making changes that contribute to your body functioning with fewer interruptions. For example, if you had a vitamin deficiency that was contributing to your low thyroid problem, your practitioner would likely recommend changing your diet. 

By adopting this change into your life, you will be providing your body with the vitamins that are so important for a fully functioning thyroid. In turn this could mean seeing many of your symptoms, such as fatigue or thinning hair, dissipate or go away completely.

Changing Your Outlook with Functional Wellness

When you work with a functional wellness practitioner to alleviate your hypothyroidism symptoms, you’ll find that your entire outlook on your health changes. From shifting the focus to the underlying health issues to using drug-free solutions that heal the body, it will be clear why so many low thyroid patients choose this alternative form of health care. 

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