I Can't Lose Weight, Do I Have a Thyroid Problem?

By: Our Team


Is a thyroid problem behind your inability to lose weight? It's a valid question if you watch what you eat, exercise regularly, and still find it impossible to shed pounds. Low thyroid function can crash your metabolism, and what's worse, 'normal' lab tests (and the doctors who ordered them) may lead you to believe, 'there's nothing wrong with you.' 

There are several related factors to consider if you're concerned about low thyroid and weight gain. The first is, for many people who have low thyroid and suffer from the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's, their conditions go undetected, improperly addressed, or both. Until the problem is identified and proper therapy is underway, no amount of dieting or exercising is likely to help.  

How could a physician 'miss' a thyroid problem... 

...or autoimmune disease? The answer may be as simple as considering 'normal,' what's really not normal at all. You may be tested for a thyroid problem, but your results fall out of the typical 'range' used to assess thyroid dysfunction. In the case of Hashimoto's disease, many physicians do not bother with a test at all, as the course of drug therapy they will recommend for this condition is the same as the one prescribed for low thyroid. 

It's entirely possible to have a thyroid condition that is affecting your ability to lose weight, yet fall outside a prescribed criterion that might qualify you for care within the traditional medical model. The solution is to find a health care practitioner who will look beyond lab values to determine what exactly it is you're experiencing, and what is the reason behind it. It's then possible for you to receive therapy that can make a real difference in your ability to lose weight. 

Consider what's involved in low thyroid conditions and Hashimoto's disease. 

Patients experience symptoms of a sluggish or poorly functioning metabolism. They have no energy. A lack of energy makes it extremely hard to do any type of exercise, yet many times, patients committed to trying to lose weight may force themselves to go to the gym. Still, despite all the workouts, they have no results with losing weight. They begin to feel depressed about it. Depression is another common symptom of low thyroid function that's often exacerbated by the patient's inability to lose weight. 

A good night's sleep is crucial to successful weight loss, but sleep problems are another common symptom of low thyroid. Along with fatigue and depression, this is a third factor having a negative impact on a thyroid patient's ability to lose weight. Not surprisingly, low thyroid patients are often prescribed anti-depressants instead of therapy that could truly help them regain their health!

How can you break the downward spiral of low thyroid symptoms... 

...and finally start to lose weight, if it's never addressed? The solution is to find a functional wellness practitioner who will provide the level of comprehensive care and support you need. If traditional medicine has failed you, consider a functional wellness practitioner who will utilize a variety of therapeutic tools to help your body's systems regain function, so it can begin to heal itself.

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