Success Stories

Shoulder & Back Pain: Testimonial | New Life Health | Greenville, SC

Chiropractic care from New Life Health was able to restore this patient's mobility and overall quality of life.

She lost how much weight? Lacey's full testimony | New Life Health | Greenville, SC

Watch to learn about Lacey's journey with functional medicine and learn how she was able to lose weight.

Pain free after 10 years!

Jackie has had right shoulder and upper back pain for 10 years. She came to Dr. Hirshorn at New Life Chiropractic and gradually got better with chiropractic care, but became pain free after undergoing brain based therapies and diet and nutritional changes.

Neck and Back Pain Relieved with Chiropractic in Simpsonville, SC

Kathryn describes how she is now on maintenance care after getting relief from her back and neck pain.

Back and Neck Pain Testimonial | New Life Health | Greenville, SC