Why Is Low Thyroid So Often Under Diagnosed Or Misdiagnosed?

By: Our Team


For people suffering from thyroid problems, one of the most frustrating issues is that it is so often misidentified. People can present with common symptoms only to have their health care provider fail to thoroughly examine their endocrine system. This causes people to suffer for longer than necessary, leaving them to worry that they will never feel like their old selves again. By working with a functional wellness practitioner, experienced in identifying thyroid problems, a patient can begin to correct the root of their problem and get their thyroid functioning properly again.

One of the main reasons thyroid problems are misidentified is...

some health care professionals only look at the symptoms and don’t seek to find the underlying cause. They only want to alleviate those symptoms instead of really pushing for true wellness. This can provide some short-term relief but ultimately, a person is right back where they started after a certain period of time. It is only by identifying this thyroid problem specifically that a person will begin to feel well again.

For instance, some people may go to the doctor complaining of lethargy or foggy thinking, common symptoms of a thyroid problem. Their doctor, however, may not bother to test the thyroid and instead prescribe drugs that seek to give them more energy or help them think clearly. The patient takes these pills and begins to feel better. But after a few months, they generally find that these drugs begin to lose their effect or that they have built up a tolerance to these drugs and that increased dosages are necessary to feel better. 

This is because the drugs only address the symptoms. Once these drugs lose their efficacy, a person generally begins to feel just as bad as they did before they began taking these drugs. By working with a wellness practitioner experienced in identifying thyroid problems, a patient can begin to correct the root of the problem and begin to feel healthy again. 

These practitioners promote complete wellness using all-natural methods instead of using dangerous drugs. 

This helps a person not only get control of their thyroid problem but also feel better overall. When people pursue an all-natural wellness plan to correct their thyroid issues, they often find that they feel better than they ever have. The care plan that a functional wellness practitioner uses has been shown to be extremely effective for many people in dealing with even the most stubborn thyroid problems.

If you have sought help for your health problems but have not found relief... 

contact a functional wellness practitioner to test your thyroid. By learning about a person’s lifestyle, running comprehensive tests on their body and their hormones, and developing a personalized therapy plan, a person can finally find help for the thyroid problem that has plagued them. 

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