On April 15, 2013, New Life opened its doors to the community. As the first patient walked through the door and entered into the warm and inviting office space, a new healthcare option was born for patients in the Upstate and beyond. Since that day, thousands of patients have walked through that same door, suffering with chronic health problems, looking for answers and solutions. People from not only the state of South Carolina but from all over the country have sought help and found hope for a New Life.

New Life Celebrates 10 Years of Celebrating Lives!

We at New Life have helped patients suffering from a myriad of different symptoms including pain, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, brain fog, memory issues, skin problems, focus and attention deficits, anxiety, depression and more. The main way we help patients who have previously had no hope to finally find relief is by identifying and specifically addressing the underlying root causes of their symptoms. When this is done, patients gradually see improvements in their symptoms and ultimately huge changes in their quality of life. The team at New Life works tirelessly to provide a level of service not often found anywhere else.

Many of our patients have commented not only on their unprecedented gains in health but also on their experience with our office. Here are a few of the most humbling:

“What Dr. Hirshorn said makes more sense than any doctor I’ve talked to in the last 2 ½ years. It feels good to have hope!”

“Dr. Hirshorn told us more in the last 30 minutes than we’ve heard from 5 neurologists in the past 17 years. Do we really have a choice in this?”

“You are the only person who has listened and understand me. I probably would be dead if I hadn’t found you. You saved my life.”

“The whole staff was so kind and welcoming and I think it’s the most excited I’ve been to see a doctor in… probably ever:) And it was refreshingly different and I actually felt listened to and cared for so thank you! Thanks so much for all your help. It was seriously so wonderful meeting you!”

“Thank you. It’s been a delight coming here. I feel better in so many ways, it’s just remarkable.”

“Mom, why didn’t we come to see Dr. Hirshorn sooner?!”

At New Life we attempt to live the Japanese principle “Kaizen,” which means constant improvement. We never settle for status quo and always seek to find the best possible diagnostic and therapeutic options for our patients. Throughout the years we have added new services with the goal of continually improving patient lives. Listed below are some of our newer services and how they are helping our patients.

Neurofeedback: It was once thought that our brains cannot change. It is now known that is absolutely NOT true! Until we breath our last, our brains have the capability for neuroplasticity, which is the development of new connections. New connections allow for new and/or improved function. Patients who have used neurofeedback in our office have seen improvements of symptoms like focus and attention deficits, executive function, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. You can learn more here:

Regenerative Medicine: This field is full of promise for a wide variety of chronic degenerative illnesses. There is currently promising research around the world using regenerative medicine for conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, ALS and more. Closer to home, at New Life we’ve seen patients benefit from improvement in joint pain associated with arthritis allowing them to avoid knee and hip replacement surgeries. We’ve also seen patients regain nerve function lost due to peripheral neuropathy.

Electrical Cell Signaling: Electric medicine has been used for decades. Just as with any technology, however, it gets better with time. The therapies we now have available at New Life compliment regenerative medicine for joint pain and arthritis. Electrical cell signaling also stands in its own right as a safe and effective option for patients suffering from pain, numbness, tingling and balance problems due to neuropathy.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an ongoing health issue and you’d like a non-drug, non-surgical answer to your problem, you might benefit from a visit to New Life. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment. We would consider it an honor to serve you!

As we celebrate the privilege of serving the community for the last 10 years, we extend a sincere thank you for the trust you have placed in us to serve the healthcare needs of you and your families.

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