How to Find Relief From Thyroid Symptoms

By: Our Team


Finding the best thyroid practitioner is important, because thyroid patients often suffer with unresolved symptoms. Low thyroid medication may help bring your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels within a 'normal' range, but that doesn't mean you'll automatically feel better. If you are still struggling with fatigue, can't seem to lose excess weight, or suffer from other signs of hypothyroidism, it may time to seek out a different practitioner and a different type of care. 

If you'd like to try a new approach to your thyroid problem, consider working with a practitioner who is trained in functional wellness care. 

This is a unique type of health care that addresses chronic health problems such as low thyroid from a holistic perspective. Instead of focusing on symptom management through medication, functional wellness strives to find and address the root cause of the thyroid condition. People are often surprised to hear that it's possible to find out why they have low thyroid. Most haven't even considered that this question matters. But an approach that looks at the body as a whole is far more likely to identify underlying causes than one that looks exclusively at parts. A holistic approach opens up more opportunities for therapeutic support, recovery, and healing. 

Functional wellness practitioners can often help thyroid patients who've 'tried everything' already, but still struggle with symptoms. 

One reason is because they are committed to finding answers. Functional wellness evaluations involve comprehensive testing that yields far more information than the limited testing typical of standard medical care. The right practitioner will know how to analyze all of the information gained, consider it in light of the patient's health history and current health status, and determine exactly what is going on. Then it is possible to formulate a plan of care that will get results by supporting the body's ability to heal and recover. 

If you prefer not to rely on medication when it comes to resolving health problems, functional wellness care is a terrific choice. The types of therapies utilized by functional wellness practitioners are natural. A great deal can be achieved through customized therapeutic support that involves specific lifestyle interventions. This may include dietary adjustments, nutritional support, detoxification and much more. There are no side effects with this type of care, because you will not be given any medications. 

Functional wellness care involves a partnership between doctor and patient. 

You won't simply be told what to do and be expected to do it on your own. Instead, you'll be fully educated on your own physiology. You'll learn why you feel the way you do—why your symptoms are occurring—so doing what needs to be done makes sense. A great thyroid doctor will make sure you receive all of the support and encouragement you need to follow your program of care, so you can achieve the results that really make a difference in how you feel. As an added benefit, you'll develop an understanding of your condition and new habits that can help you stay feeling your best long term. 

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