How to Find Comprehensive Thyroid Care in Greenville South Carolina

By: Our Team


If you are suffering from low thyroid that is causing you many challenges, don't assume there is nothing that can be done. Even if you’ve been seeking solutions from a primary care doctor, that is not your only source of guidance. By seeing a functional wellness practitioner, you may be able to find solutions that work for you specifically.

When most people think about getting help for this problem, they visit their general practitioner. While there is certainly no problem with going to your general doctor, the help that they provide for low thyroid may not always be effective. This is because they rely heavily on addressing "just your symptoms" without investigating what is causing your symptoms. Some practitioners don’t run a comprehensive evaluation. Wellness practitioners are different.

What many doctors may not do is, look at your body to determine what is causing problems with the thyroid. It could be several things, including Hashimoto's disease or a hormone imbalance or lifestyle choices.

By going to a wellness practitioner that is skilled in low thyroid care you will receive thorough testing. 

This will help them determine the root cause of your low thyroid. They do this by asking questions, but also by running thorough lab tests to see how balanced your hormones and body functions are. 

This information gives them insight into what type of problem is going on and whether they can find a suitable solution for you.  Functional wellness practitioners have a complex understanding of all functions of the body. This makes them great candidates for finding out what is going on with your low thyroid and how they can help you feel better.

Care from a wellness practitioner is different from what you might be used to. After the lab tests are complete and the wellness practitioner understands more about your body, they can move on to determine what type of care is best for you. 

There are many different care options that your practitioner will choose from...

and yours will be based on your tests and body specifically. Through this, your body can become balanced, which is important, because if just one thing is off center, you could end up struggling. 

By seeing this type of trained professional you may find the help that you have needed. You might be surprised to find out how much better you can feel when the cause of your low thyroid is addressed, not just the symptoms.

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