Functional Wellness Care For Thyroid Conditions in Greenville SC

By: Our Team


If you are seeking the best possible care for a thyroid condition, you may wish to consider an alternative type of health care. Functional wellness care is particularly well suited for addressing chronic health conditions such as low thyroid. Functional wellness may help if you are still struggling with symptoms like weight gain or an inability to shed extra pounds, joint pain, fatigue or low libido, even though you are taking thyroid medicine. Low thyroid patients typically benefit from functional wellness care for several reasons. 

First, it involves a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The goal isn't to try to make symptoms go away by masking them with medications. A practitioner who is trained in functional wellness will seek to find out why symptoms are occurring. 

If you are struggling with low thyroid, the first step in effective care is finding out why. 

What's causing the thyroid dysfunction, or imbalance of thyroid hormones? Is anything else contributing to symptoms? A comprehensive, thorough evaluation is a must for low thyroid patients, the majority of whom also have an autoimmune disease which must be addressed. 

Functional wellness seeks to help the body recover and heal as fully as possible...

so the individual can thrive and feel as good as possible long term. Thyroid patients are often surprised to learn there is usually a lot they can do to help themselves feel much, much better—and it doesn't involve taking medications. Dietary changes, proper sleep and exercise habits, stress management and environmental adjustments can have a profound impact on how well or poorly the thyroid functions. 

When you work with a functional wellness practitioner, you will learn exactly what to do to support your best possible health. You will learn what is precisely right for your body, and how to go about making any lifestyle adjustments, so you can meet your health goals. 

If you prefer a natural approach to health care, functional wellness is a great option. 

The types of therapeutic support functional wellness practitioners utilize are safe and completely natural. They are also very effective, as care is based on comprehensive testing and completely customized. Thyroid patients often feel like something has been missed when it comes to their condition. This is especially true when a patient is told that according to lab work, the medication they are taking is working, but they don’t feel any better. 

There is a reason for ongoing symptoms, and there is a solution that doesn't have to involve more medicine. If you want real, lasting relief, an in depth, detailed evaluation—the type functional wellness care relies on—is the first step. 

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