Finding Effective Low Thyroid Care in Greenville SC

By: Our Team


Low thyroid patients receiving care that reflects the typical approach used in mainstream medicine often struggle with ongoing symptoms. They take medication as directed by their physicians, and may even be told that according to bloodwork, the medicine is working. Yet they do not feel better; many even feel worse. They may be told or come to believe they need a different medication, a different dosage, or perhaps additional medications. 

What they really need is a different approach to low thyroid care. 

There is a variety of reasons why traditional medicine may fail to help a low thyroid patient, but the biggest is simply that the approach is too limited. Hypothyroidism isn't a simple problem that is easy to resolve. It may have many causes, including an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto's. Trying to rely on medication to correct a complex condition is a limited approach that fails to address the reasons beyond symptoms. While it's true that thyroid levels likely need to be balanced, what is causing the imbalance should be addressed first. 

Functional wellness health care focuses on identifying the root causes of chronic health conditions like low thyroid. There are many possible factors contributing to or exacerbating thyroid dysfunction. The only way to determine what they are is to explore all possibilities through in-depth testing. Expertise and knowledge about the complexities low thyroid evaluations involve is a must, and so is time. 

Functional wellness care practitioners are trained, prepared, and committed to doing the hard work and deep investigation.

Once it is clear what is causing the problem, practitioners educated in functional wellness develop customized care plans that are designed to help their patients begin to heal. This typically consists of utilizing a variety of therapeutic strategies rather than relying on one thing to try to correct a complicated problem. Functional wellness care relies on natural therapies, not medications, to help re-establish balance and promote optimal function. It is ideal as complimentary care or for an initial evaluation if you suspect you have a thyroid problem, even if you've been told by medical care providers that your thyroid is fine.

The type of care provided for low thyroid patients is customized, it may include correcting nutrient deficiencies. 

Improvements to the diet and stress management, a personalized exercise routine and detoxification are additional examples of targeted interventions that may address the underlying causes of low thyroid conditions. Lifestyle interventions that are targeted and managed carefully in a partnership between patients and their practitioners can be very effective at resolving even the most stubborn thyroid symptoms. They bring about real changes within the body, and as the causes of the thyroid condition are addressed, the patient begins to feel better and better. Best of all, these improvements are designed to be long-term solutions that support optimal wellness and good health long-term. 

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