Best Natural Thyroid Care In Greenville SC

By: Our Team


Are you dissatisfied with the results you're getting with conventional medical care in terms of thyroid symptom relief? Thyroid patients are often put on thyroid replacement medication that is supposed to help them feel better. Lab work shows the medicine is 'working,' and they should feel normal again, but they don't. In fact, thyroid patients often feel worse instead of better over time, regardless of how their medications are adjusted. 

It's difficult to be told you must take medication daily for the rest of your life when it seems to do little to help you feel better. But that's exactly what thyroid patients are often asked to do. They aren't aware that there's another choice—another option for effective care. Functional wellness is an alternative type of health care that can often help with chronic health conditions such as low thyroid, even when other types of care have failed. 

Functional wellness differs from conventional medical care in several ways. 

First, it is holistic, meaning it focuses on the individual as a whole, rather than focusing on fixing parts. Thyroid conditions tend to be complex health problems that involve all of the body's systems. This is not a condition that occurs in isolation. Focusing on just the thyroid and hormones involved in thyroid function isn't comprehensive care. What's left unaddressed can continue to cause discomfort in the form of symptoms as well as ongoing health problems. 

Functional wellness focuses on finding the root cause of chronic health problems. If you have a thyroid condition, it's likely you also have the autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto's. You most likely are struggling with the effects of hormone imbalance, and you may be experiencing nutritional deficiencies. These are just a few of the most common problems functional wellness care practitioners find when working with thyroid patients. 

The only way to ascertain exactly what is causing your thyroid problem and all that involves is through rigorous testing. 

Functional wellness care relies on in-depth testing to provide a complete overview of the patient's condition. It isn't just about testing thyroid function by checking certain hormone levels. Only with a full evaluation can an individual's unique health condition be understood. 

Once any imbalances and dysfunctions related to your symptoms and overall wellness are identified, a plan of care can be developed to address these problems. Functional wellness care takes advantage of the body's ability to recover and heal with the support of natural therapies. Lifestyle interventions, nutritional support, and other types of natural care often prove very effective in helping thyroid patients. 

If you'd like to discover all that may be achieved through natural care for thyroid conditions... 

consult with a functional wellness practitioner. You can look forward to feeling your best long term, as you learn how to best care for your own health with minimal reliance on medication.

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