A. Elliot Hirshorn, DC, DACNB

Dr. Elliot Hirshorn is a sought-after health care practitioner whose journey reflects a unique blend of science, education, personal hardship, and perseverance. The early years of his career saw him imparting knowledge as a high school science teacher. When faced with personal health challenges and a career crossroads, Dr. Hirshorn made a pivotal decision to return to academia. His aim? To delve deep into the world of functional medicine and acquire the skills needed to reclaim his health. This endeavor was not without its struggles, but Dr. Hirshorn's unyielding determination led him to achieve a personal health revolution. Empowered by his own health transformation, Dr. Hirshorn realized the potential his newfound expertise held for those around him. The beacon of hope that had guided his path became a shining light for his family, who were battling an array of chronic conditions, from PTSD and diabetes to heart disease and dementia. It wasn't long before he realized that he could extend this beyond his family to touch the lives of countless others.

Motivated by the life-changing power of functional medicine and a fervent passion to combat chronic illnesses, Dr. Hirshorn founded New Life Health in 2013. Today, his vision is embodied by the clinic, having positively touched thousands of lives and counting. The clinic exemplifies his transformation: one that began with a personal struggle and evolved into a relentless mission to serve others. Dr. Hirshorn is continually seeking innovative solutions to chronic disease and recently completed a nutrition certification with Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Hirshorn's lofty ambition is to bring about healthful change to the lives of one million people over the next decade. As an international speaker, he has shared his insights on functional medicine and the potential for holistic well-being with audiences all over, including at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Nasdaq Stock Exchange, the New York Academy of Medicine and on various podcasts and TV appearances across the country. He is also the number one best selling author of “Healthy from the Inside Out” which is a personal and professional account of his work motivating and inspiring people for better health.

Dr. Hirshorn is not just a doctor. He is a change-maker, an advocate for holistic wellness, and a visionary dedicated to transforming the face of healthcare one life at a time. His personal and professional evolution makes him a compelling voice in the healthcare community, inspiring others to believe that better health is within their grasp.


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Dr. Hirshorn provides a very thorough examination of each patients medical history and current issues and uses the best diagnostic tools current science has to offer. Our family believes that discovering and treating root causes of disease is the best root to complete healing. Every member of the New Life staff has been wonderful to work with.

A.L. Google

The team works well together as a unit and everybody nose they're doing

C.M. Google

I saw an ad for New Life Medical Center when I was researching causes for foot pain. I started treatment for neuropathy and I’m halfway through my treatment plan. It’s amazing how much better I feel already!

J.P. Google

Amazing doctor!!! I called him “my daughter’s angel” She was suffering with a “mental” disorder, unknown causes or cured. I knew this diagnosed was wrong. My daughter is literally living a New Life. Listen to your gut! Don’t believe everything that your regular doctors say to you, they don’t want to waste their time trying to find the root of you problem, they just send you medications to “stop” symptoms without the real cause.

C. Google

Thank you Dr. Elliot Eishorn for resolving a very frustrating and difficult issue. I appreciate you listening to my frustrations and for your time and kindness.

M.R. Google


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