We help people with chronic health conditions who haven’t gotten the help they need – the answers and solutions they deserve – from the traditional healthcare system.

We determine the causes of their chronic
conditions through comprehensive evaluation
and diagnostics.


Does it feel like you’ve “been everywhere and done everything” for your chronic health condition, but you still don’t have the answers you need?  Has test after test come back “normal,” while you keep suffering with symptoms?

This is what is typically missing in the care you have received: a focus on the root cause(s) of your condition.

Once we know the cause, we address it through a variety of therapy options.  We achieve improvement in how you are functioning on the inside from a physiological standpoint, so you can feel better on the outside.  Then, your quality of life can be significantly improved!

Have you been to the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Emory or Duke… and you are still looking for answers and solutions?

Maybe you’ve taken medications or had surgeries only to find they didn’t help with the pain or other symptoms.  Sadly, patients are sometimes told they have depression, or are even dismissed as being “crazy” when doctors hit a brick wall in their ability to help with their chronic conditions.  Even though they know how poorly you feel and that your symptoms are real, sometimes patients like yourself begin to wonder if they actually are “crazy.”

There are many types of chronic conditions that traditionally fail to resolve:

  • Sleep problems including trouble falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, or not feeling rested after sleep
  • Fatigue and extreme lack of energy to the point that it is hard or even impossible to get through a normal day
  • Anxiety or depression that interferes with interest in doing things you used to love to do, including spending time with family and friends
  • Memory issues, brain fog and an inability to concentrate
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as cramping, bloating, or alternating constipation and diarrhea
  • Difficulty regulating body temperature and always feeling cold, especially in the hands and feet
  • Chronic pain, including aches or cramping, or ongoing pain conditions like fibromyalgia
  • Focus and attention problems, anger outbursts or compulsive/impulsive behaviors that interfere with school, work or simple tasks
  • Neuropathy, or burning, tingling and numbness in the feet

Regardless of your chronic condition, if you’re not getting answers to the questions you’re asking or solutions that are helpful, it can seem like there’s no hope. The good news is, there’s hope for patients with chronic conditions.new life theres hope logo FINAL

In-depth evaluation and diagnostics can uncover the causes behind your condition. Safe, natural therapies can then help… even when all other options seem to have failed.

When the multitude of different causes is addressed, you can look forward to real, lasting solutions.

We’ve seen…

  • Moms with thyroid disease finally gain the energy they need to provide for and enjoy their kids the way they’ve wanted to for years.
  • Seniors leave pain behind and start golfing like they used to… and even get down on their knees to crawl around and play with their grandkids.
  • Men and women begin to focus on enjoying their lives instead of being overwhelmed by how terrible they feel.
  • Adults in their mid-life years attend family events and outings with friends after years of being practically bed-ridden.
  • Patients who’ve struggled with sleep issues for years finally get the rest they need to not only make it through their daily routines, but start enjoying the most exciting parts of life after work and on the weekends.
  • Women who’ve lost clumps of hair and their self-esteem with it regain their ability to look and feel wonderful again.
  • Patients whose jeans go from fitting too tight to being too loose to wear, enjoying all the benefits of carrying less weight—more energy, and a much better quality of life.
  • Couples enjoying intimacy and sexual relations they’ve missed out on for years due to one (or both) spouse’s chronic health problems.
  • Kids struggling with ADHD or other neuro-developmental disorders stop feeling like an “odd ball,” and start doing well on tests and make better grades.
  • Children who once struggled with social “boundaries” build and enjoy friendships, engage socially, and have fun participating in sports and extracurricular activities.

These are the types of results many of the people we help have hoped and aimed for, yet failed to achieve with other approaches again and again.

What’s held you back from real solutions likely has nothing to do with your motivation, desire to feel better, commitment to improving your health or even the challenges of your condition.

Rather, it’s a matter of being stuck within the traditional standard of health care, that usually just masks symptoms with a medication.

Stepping outside the traditional “health care box” involves finding and exploring an alternative system you may not have been aware was available.  Many of our patients once doubted something outside the “normal” medical system could really help, or they feared trying yet another approach and “failing” once again.

Traditional medicine seeks to “manage” a chronic health condition.  A patient, for example, who has diabetes is managed by their doctor for the diabetes with a medication — oftentimes there is nothing more offered.  This approach assumes the disease will “keep going.”

By contrast, our approach is to look to reverse physiological dysfunction in process, or lessen the impact a condition has, by understanding its causes.  For example, we would ask “Why does this person have diabetes?”  In many cases, there are lifestyle factors that can have a very big impact on this disease and these may be worked on to improve the condition.

People who suffer with chronic conditions need a health care approach that addresses the various causes of their health problems.  There are diagnostic tests available beyond what the traditional medical approach utilizes and relies on.  Advanced, extensive diagnostic testing goes beyond traditional tests that merely identify a condition, to identifying the condition’s actual causes.

As a society, most people are conditioned culturally to accept the medical system to which they are accustomed.  The focus of mass media, the medical establishment, as well as the government medical care is on identifying a patient’s condition, then providing a drug or surgery that keeps the patient alive.  The focus is not necessarily on helping the person feel better, or achieving an improvement in quality of life.

Did you know that according to the FDA, only a pharmaceutical–only a drug–can be used to actually “treat” a disease?  This speaks volumes about the medical model most people rely on. Many people aren’t aware of other options.

Richard Horowitz, MD, states,

“Modern medicine is excellent at providing care for acute diseases, such as strep throat, acute bronchitis or pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and acute surgical emergencies.  The medical system, however, lacks an understanding of and treatments for a myriad of chronic diseases.”

If you want help beyond “getting by” or “managing” your condition, it’s up to you to find it.  It can be difficult to overcome or set aside feelings of hopelessness.  Failure after failure with medical care of any kind is extremely frustrating.  A sense of hopelessness is understandable in this type of situation.

But with the right approach, you can look forward to significant improvements in your health, how you feel, and your quality of life.

If you’ve been to doctor after doctor and are finally ready for the answers you want, need and deserve, we can help.  We take a unique approach to chronic health conditions – one that will focus on the causes of your condition, and providing the help you need to begin to feel better.

Our approach to chronic conditions is not designed to just help you live symptom free.  We want you to achieve optimal health and wellness long term, so “feeling better” reflects real improvements in areas of dysfunction or imbalances within your body.

We are able to help patients when others have failed because we focus on finding causes and providing real solutions to chronic health conditions.

If you know you need help with your chronic condition and you’re willing to explore alternative approaches to health care, we can help.  The first step is recognizing that there are solutions outside of the traditional medical model that actually work.  Read More

Those solutions can be found in functional neurology, functional medicine or specifically functional endocrinology and immunology.  Once you’ve found the right approach, you must also be willing and committed to making any necessary lifestyle changes—some of which may be significant.

There is hope for chronic conditions, but it is not in the form of a “quick fix” or easy cure.  Not everybody qualifies for our care.  We rely on a process to figure out whether our care is a good fit for you, and also if you’re a good fit for us.  We’ll start this process with an initial consultation.

We have helped many patients with even the toughest chronic health conditions, and we’d like to see if we can help you, too.  The hope we offer is real… and so are our solutions!

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